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Are you a outdoor lover and would like to camp in the wilderness?

Have you read and heard about these amazing 4x4 trips, but cannot afford to buy a 4x4 and kit it out?

We can assist you by taking you to these amazing places.

We lead in a vehicle and you follow in your own self driven vehicle.(Valid RSA drivers license or international license required.)

No expensive car hire, no expensive fuel bills(fuel included in price).

No liability. 



Offgrid Tours offers exceptional routes for intrepid travellers as well as families. Great roads, wide open spaces, loads to see and experience and amazing people - it's got it all. There are mostly well maintained gravel roads and good sealed tar roads between all major areas. It also offers some serious 4x4 routes that will satisfy any adventurer. The services and facilities available allow anyone to easily travel from point to point, and explore any route all around South Africa in comfort. Choose your own route, or choose from one of our routes for your 4x4 drive holiday.

Below you will find a few sample routes to see what's on offer, but can also choose your own all around South Afirca: 



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Route 1: Mabuasehube Wilderness Route 14 days


  • Day 1: Travel from Velddrif to Upington where we stay over in the Spitskop Nature Reserve. We will be stopping along the route at various towns and places along the way. We will use this opportunity in Upington to buy the last provisions.
  • Day 2: Upington to Nossob rest camp in the Kgalagadi National Park (KNP). Here we will stay one night before going in to the Mabuasehube wilderness area on the Botswana side of the park.
  • Day 3 Nossob to Matopi 1 or 2. Here we will have the first experience staying in the real wilderness.
  • Day 4: From Matopi we travel to our first camp in the beautiful Mabuasehube area with its pans. The first camp in the Mabuasehube area will be Mpayathutlwa camp where we will be staying two nights.
  • Day 5: We stay at Mpayathutlwa camp and explore the neighboring pans in all its wonders.
  • Day 6: We pack up camp and move to the Mabausehube camp where we will camp for two nights.
  • Day 7: Mabausehube,take in the wonders of the pans and all its wild life. This area is well known for its lions.
  • Day 8: From Mabausehube to the beautiful Mosomane camp. This will be our final night in the most remote area of the KNP
  • Day 9: Travel from Mosomane to Nossob. We will be back in civilization. Take some time to relax and make use of the ablution facilities. Here one can go on Sanpark night drives. We will be staying two nights at Nossob.
  • Day 10: Relax and enjoy the last few days in the KNP 
  • Day 11: Nossob to Mata Mata which is one of the most popular camps in the park and known for its wild life. Here we stay for two nights exploring the surroundings.
  • Day 12: Mata Mata. Mata-Mata is the only area in the park we giraffes can be found.
  • Day 13: Sadly this will be our last day in the KNP. We will depart from Nossob to Spitskop Nature Reserve near Upington.
  • Day 14: The long way back to Velddrif.


 Route 2: Kaa Game Viewing 4x4 Trail


  • Day 1: Velddrif to Upington where we will stay in the Spitskop camp. We will be stopping at various town and places along the way. We will use this opportunity in Upington to buy the last provisions.

  • Day 2: Upinton to Nossob where we stay one night before taking the long road to Kaa.
  • Day 3: An early morning start to take the road to Kaa where we stay for two nights.
  • Day 4: Kaa,relax and explore the area and the wild life
  • Day 5: Kaa to Gnus- Gnus.We will be spending two days at this camp.
  • Day 6: Gnus-Gnus to do game viewing.
  • Day 7: Gnus-Gnus to Swartpan. We will also be spending two nights at Swartpan.
  • Day 8: Swartpan,relax ,explore and enjoy the vastness of the pans
  • Day 9: Swartpan to Kaa
  • Day 10: Kaa to Nossob for two nights where we relax and go on Sanpark game drives.
  • Day 11: Nossob camp.
  • Day 12:Nossob to Upington where we explore the town and sleep in chalets.
  • Day 13: The long road back to Velddrif